The Godpod Project

October 2014: The President of AWR visit our Bible workers in Cameroon

The President of AWR, the village chief, and some new believers

 Bible Worker, Mathias Fongang, introducing the godpod in the village Bafou, in Cameroon.

Mother Madeleine,(90 years old) received one of the first godpod that Bantu Hope Ministries in partnership with Adventist Word Radio send to Cameroon in April 2013.

After few months listening to the Bible message loaded in the godpod in her own dialect, Mother Madeleine,(90 years old) turned away from ancestral worship and gave her live to the Lord.

Mother Elizabeth surrounded by other new baptized christian who recieved the good news through the Godpod project.

To date, Bantu hope Ministries and Adventist World Radio have distributed over 180 Godpod.


The Ancestors did not Punish the Metenou


The Bamileke people in Cameroon are reputable for their strong attachment to their traditions anchored in ancestral worship, a belief that the deaths are not dead.  The Bamileke people lives to cater to the spirit of their ancestors; the Bamileke live in fear that if they disobey their ancestors, they will be severely punished.

Early 2012, Bantu Hope Bible worker, Mathias Fongang, started sharing the Three Angels' Message in the Taguiméa neighborhood, in Cameroon. Brother Metenou and his wife were the first to be convicted and decided to turn away from ancestral worship and to give their lives to the Lord. By October, the Metenou opened their house to start a new Bible study group that meet every Wednesday. But many people in the village did not like it.

 January 14, 2013 will be forever carved in the memory of brother Jacques Metenou and his family. This Monday started as an ordinary day. In the morning, the Metenou family held their worship as usual, and they dressed their 2 children  for school.

At 7am, Jaques Metenou and his wife, both members of the Adventist Church, went to work in their field. At 4 pm, when the couple returned, they were surprised with the excitement in their neighborhood, very unusual. Soon, they learned that their house was on fire ... As they rushed home, the couple found that their house was on fire, and it burned down to the ground. They lost everything, everything they have acquired during their lives: kitchen utensils, furniture... nothing was spared by the flames. One consolation: the children were safe. Metenou's wife hugged them and praised the Lord.

 The couple did not understand because they had not lit a fire before leaving in the morning. What happened? Whence came this destructive fire? Why did God  allowed this fire? What will they-become? These are questions which jostle in their mind.

But the neighbors have all found their answer: for them, the Adventist Church is responsible for this disaster. Indeed, in this village strongly turned to the worship of ancestors, the coming of the Adventist Church is resented because it teaches people to worship God alone. The neighbors believe the Metenou are being punished for turning away from ancestral worship.



Today, while waiting for God to help them rebuil their home, the Metenou family live temporarily with a brother.

If the Holy Spirit impresses you to help the Metenou family rebuild their home, Please click of the button below to proceed with your donation. 

The Godpods are in order!

The Adventist World Radio has graciously allowed us to use their recording studio in the city of Younde to produce the content for our godpod project. Bible worker Mathias Fongang has already made many trips to the city to translate and record the scripture-base messages approved by the SDA church into the "YEMBA" dialect. Despited the equipments breaking down constantly, the project is moving forward. By mid-July, we will have about 90 hours of recording and will move forward with our first order of the godpod in the "YEMBA" dialect. Thanks for your prayers and your generous contributions to help reach the illiterate population with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ before probation closes. 


Picture above: Bible Worker Mathias Fongang and Elder Bakari, director of the communication, PR & Religious Liberty Department of the Central African Union Mission, during a recording process of the godpod content in the "YEMBA" dialect.

Picture above: a group of people worshiping in Bafou/Lepia, a newly created congregation. Bantu Hope sent Bible worker Mathias Fongang in the village Bafou in 2010. Since then, many people have turned away from ancestral worship to give their life to the Lord. On May 2012, after 9 more people gave their life to the Lord during an evangelism seminar conducted by Pastor Michel Fopah and Bible Worker Mathias Fongang, the church decided to create a new congregation to accommodate the new believers.

Picture Below: A group of young people during Bible study. We are reaching effectively the young people and those who are able to read. But, with the high illiteracy rate in the village, we need the godpod to reach those who cannot read. They too deserve to have the opportunity to know the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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