Brief History of the SDA Church in Cameroon 

The SDA Church arrived in Cameroon in 1926 by a missionary called William Anderson, the first baptism was in 1929, and the first church was organized in 1930 in Nanga-Eboko with 16 members, but the Bamileke region in west Cameroon did not have any significant SDA presence until 2005, almost 80 years after the SDA arrived in Cameroon because the Bamileke are the strong holder of ancestral worship. According to the State Department website, the Bamileke account for 38% of the Cameroonian population that is about 8 million Bamileke. (Click here to visit the State Department website)

SDA History in the Bamileke region

In 2005, the president of the Central African Union, Pastor Jean Marie Tchoualeu who is from the Bamileke tribes himself (credential below) began to feel that God wanted him to take the gospel back to his people, the Bamileke People. Pastor Tchoualeu believed that it was God’s will. Therefore, he stepped down from the presidency of the Central African union and moved to the Bamileke region and started a church in the city of Bafoussam in the basement of a bulding where he is still serving as pastor. By 2008, Pastor Tchoualeu began to realize that he needed help to reach out to the surrending communities and villages. He needed lay evangelists who know the Bamileke tradition to send in different villages to witness. (See the General Conference report on Cameroon, Atlanta 2010). He began to pray asking God for help. It was at that same time when Pastor Tchoualeu and his church were praying that Bantu Hope Ministries started to take the gospel to the Bantu people in Central Africa starting with the Bamileke People. When Pastor Jean Marie Tchoualeu heard about Bantu Hope Ministries, he believed it was the answer to their prayer, He still believes it today. Pastor Tchoualeu is our Director of evangelism coordinating all activities on the ground.

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