Bibles 4 Africa

My name is Victor Tsague, founder of Bantu Hope Ministries. When a friend invited me to church for the first time ever in 2005, I was touched by the message the pastor preached that day. It was about grace that only God can give you. I had never heard that before.  At the end of the service, I was shaking; I felt something that I had never felt before in my entire life.

When my friend noticed what I was going through, he reached for his Bible and handed it over to me as a gift. Little did I know how much that book would change my life?

When the Lord called us to start Bantu Hope Ministries to take the “Three Angel’s Message” to the Bantu people in Central Africa, making Bibles available for free to our African brethren became a very important aspect of the ministry.

Africa is on fire for the Lord. But, thirsting for His Word, they don’t have enough Bibles to go around! In fact, many will sacrifice three days of food just to save enough money for a single Bible!

Nobody should ever lose his soul because he or she could not afford a Bible.  So, we make Bibles available for FREE to anyone who needs one during our public evangelism, door-to-door, and campus ministries.

If you are moved by the Holy Spirit to help us financially, please send your tax deductible love gift to help arm our African Brethren with the tool they need to win souls for Jesus: The Holy Bible.

Remember, your gift of $30 means 3 Bibles will reach the hands of spiritually thirsty souls! Please send your tax-deductible love gift online today or mail it to the following address: