"The harvest is great, but the workers are few" (Matthew 9:37)

Jesus is coming soon! The only investments that will worth something when Jesus comes are only those that have eternal consequences. Investing to take the gospel to every nations and tribes helps harvest souls for our Lord Jesus Christ. If you are reading this page, maybe God brought you here today for a reason. Maybe the Holly Spirit wants you to invest in the harvest by becoming the loving channel through which God provides for the resources we need to take the gospel to every remote villages in Central Africa before probation closes.


we currently need:

      • Sponsors for Bible workers  for Cameroon = $150 per month
      • Sponsors for godpod project = $50 per godpod
      • Sponsors for Bibles in the French Language = $7 a Bible
      • Sponsors for our various humanitatian projects such as digging wells
      • Sponsors for our administrative expences: need about $4,000 per month

If the Holy Spirit inspires you to sponsor our ministry, please click on the botton below to proceed.