Current Needs for the Democratic Republic of Congo

                          • 30 more Bible workers
                          • A used vehicle Land Cruiser
                          • Bibles
                          • Worship Places

 The Background


The Democratic Republic of Congo has been under civil war since 1996. During these difficult challenging times, the SDA church has seen its membership decline substantially. In response to the decline in membership, the North-East Congo Union Mission started an ongoing evangelism campaign since 2008 to reach large cities and remote villages. As a result of this campaign, we are starting to slowly regain some of our membership. But much more work needs to be done. For example, in the city of Bakavu, which have been the target of evangelistic Campaigns since July 2012, there are only a total of 400 SDA members out of a population of approximately 1 million people.

We need urgently at least 30 more Bible Workers in the D R of Congo in order to plant the seeds in Bukavu and other remote villages living in very deep Spiritual darkness. Considering the high coast of life, increase the stipend of Bible workers from $ 70 USD to $ 100 by December 2013. We hope the Lord will provide the resources to support these Bible Workers through you.


 Needs for Bibles

The Need for BiblesJust as the Scripture equates new born-again Christians to babes capable of digesting only milk, the 1,500 people we steel expect to be baptize will need our support to grow and mature in their new faith in Christ. Therefore, at the end of the evangelism seminar, Bantu Hope Ministries will continue the follow-up project for one more year at the request of the SDA South Kivu field President, Pastor Ongasa Thomas. Our hope is to send at least 1,000 more Bibles to the D.R. of Congo by the end of April to support the campaign. To save money, we have contacted the American Bible Society to purchase these Bible through them for a local delivery in the D. R. of Congo for $10 a Bibles. We have made our request known to God in prayers, and we are writing to inform you should you be moved by the Holy Spirit to be the vessel God will use to provide for this project.


Needs for a Land Cruiser

 As we have begun to minister beyond the city of Bukavu, we need a used car (Land Cruiser) for not only travelling but also we can rent it out in order to generate some income for local expenses. With an amount of US $ 25 000, we can afford to bring a used Land cruiser in D R Congo. We need such a car because of the state of the roads in the country. 


Needs for New Churches

Whereas these ten sites created after Share Him Campaign are worshiping in rented houses, and the new believers are unable to by their own, thre is a need to provide either plots or worship houses for them.


Please, take a moment to pray and ask the Lord what He wants you to do. If the Holy Spirit impresses you to support this project, please send your tax deductible donation to:

Bantu Hope Ministries

PO Box 245

Hermitage, TN 37076

If you would like to donate French Bibles for Congo online with a credit card, please click on this link to proceed: Credit Card Donations. Please ,make sure you specify “French Bibles from the dropdown "fund name" menu list. Please click on the next link to proceed with PAYPAL.

In the blessed hope,

Victor Tsague, President