Overcoming the Bias, Planting Seeds, and Building Relationships

Our door-to-door ministry focuses on three steps that open the door to evangelism. 

  • Overcoming the Bias: Most people believe the Seventh-day Adventist Church is a cult.  Because of this belief, our Bible workers/church planters are maily composed of local people converted to Christianity. By relating the population to the messenger, we can overcome some of the biases and focus on the message of sharing Christ and Him crucified.
  •  Seed Planting: It focuses on seeds planting and building relationships with the local community. We encourage our bible workers to create opportunities to interact with the local community.  We encourage them to mingle with the unreached – whether door-to-door or at community events that will not compromise their beliefs.
  •  Building Relationships: Our Bible workers identify the most important needs of the local community and start designing bridge events through our humanitarian programs to tackle those needs in order to win the confidence of the local population. Once souls who are searching for truth are found, we develop a relationship with those souls and fan their flame of interest through bible studies!

Once our lay ministers have successfully accomplished these three steps, we are now ready to proceed with an evangelism seminar that will outline Jesus, the cross and how to be saved. But because of the Bantu tie to their traditional religious belief in fear of facing angry ancestors, we must design right methods to follow and pray so the gospel truth is accompanied to the heart by God’s Spirit so it can quicken the conscience or transform the life.

Friends, there is certainly no shortage of lost people. And there is no shortage of truth in God’s book. But there is frequently shortage of funds to get the Words of Life into the ears of the lost. “How shall they believe in Jesus of whom they have not heard? … and how shall they preach, except they be sent? (Romans 10: 14, 15).

When living becomes giving, surviving becomes thriving. Will you send us?