What is Going on in D R Congo

Our goal is to share intentionally the gospel of God’s mercy to the wounded people of DR Congo starting by Bukavu. The Strategic plan to reach Bukavu is called “Bukavu July Outreach project.” This project ready voted by the South Kivu project and accepted by the North East Congo Union Mission is part of Big Cities outreach program developed by the worldwide Church. The project wants to conduct Evangelistic campaigns in July 2012, 2013 and 2014. The final outcome is to establish 10 Churches in Bukavu by the December 2014.

Why Bukavu?

For security and sefety reasons, people are moving from villages to big cities such as Bukavu. We believe this population movement to be an opportunity for the Church to reach cities and to share the gospel. The whole South Kivu has a population of 1,000,000 and only 400 SDA members with 4 churches. If we successfuly establish the 10 churches in Bakavu by 2014, Bukavu will become the model for reaching other cities in the region and beyond.



Ongoing activities in the D R Congo

A part from giving bible studies in homes, offices and streets, Bantu Hope pioneers are conducting seminars in their respective sites to consolidate the new believers. The follow up have been a deep challange for the local pastors and church elders for many years. But since Bantu Hope have provided pioneers; all those who have been baptised from July up to now still coming to church services and they are growing in their faith. The pictures below shows The pioneers in a session of bible study with some families and an other in a seminar in one of the sites.



In every site pioneers are conducting bible studies and consequently there is baptism services at least every Sabbath. the picture bellow shows pastor Alfred Kafunda, the local vice president of Bantu Hope for the D R Congo chapter preparing the candidates for baptis service. 



Gog is performing miracles in D R Congo through those who are giving their lives to Jesus. Young people, couples and old people are accepting the gospel and being baptized. the picture bellow was taken in Ibanda church where pastor Chirechire, the District pastor of Bukavu was baptizing seven people after the evangelistic effort conducted at Panzi and EDAP sites by MARHAGANE MUNGANGA and FURAHA MWENGE, pioneers of Bantu Hope Ministries.

In the setting of our compassionate ministry, and in order to prepare their evangelistic efforts, pioneers of Bantu Hope Ministies distribute clothes to families, orphans and widows in Bukavu and its sorrounding areas. They distribute also Bibles to new baptized. This is pioneer STEFANO Ngoy and BONANE Bahati pausing with some of granted families, new believers, widows and orphans in Nguba and Bagira sites/ Bukavu city.

you can share the love of Christ by giving a balloon of clothes to suffering and surviving families in D R Congo in general and in Bukavu in particular




New front opened in D R Congo: Muslim Evangelism


As a challange to Christian message in general and to adventist evangelists in particular, muslims represent more than ten percent in central Africa and more than twelve percent in Congo. Our pioneers are udergoing this challange because the city of Bukavu has more than ten mosques, and whenever they go dor to dor, there are muslims to whom they have to minister. That is why we have began to conduct public debates to try to reach them. Bantu Hope ministries long to learn more about this special front through seminars. Bantu Hope needs your prayers and your advices to accomplish its mission among these people who are also part of every nation, tribe and tongue.

The pictures bellow shows the first debate conducted with muslims during three days in Bukavu



 Here is Marhegane, one of Bantu Hope pioneers, presenting to the congregation 21 new baptized in a campaign at Nyantende, a village near to Bukavu. Two weeks after the group in his site has been organised as a church, Marhegane has conducted an evangelistic campaign at Nyantende and more than 50 people have accepted Christ. 21 of them accepted to be baptized. A new group started at Nyantende. These people do not have their own worship place. The local church has rented a small house for three months but still there some needs because many people are interrested in the message. Your prayers and your support are necessary to Nyatende so that God can provide a plot to build a church and a pioneer to nurture this new group for at least one year 

If the Holly Spirit is impressing you to support a Bible worker in the D. R. of Congo for $70 per month or to support a consolidqtion seminar, a public campain or a three to seven days debate with muslims, please take action now!